Creating energy and trust to face challenges

Asset Management – Maintenance Management – Reliability Engineering – Operational Excellence – Projectmanagement – Portfolio Management – Trouble Shooting

Catch22 helps organisations defy challenges


Catch 22 takes small stones out of shoes to be able to make bigger strides

We focus on improvement and change issues where people, process and technology are central. Every organization is unique and valuable: the result of years of building and developing. In order to continue to grow as an organization, it is important not to be slowed down along the way. Often small obstacles cause delays and jeopardize the effectiveness of an organization. Just like small stones in your shoes. In the end you will reach your final destination, but it didn’t feel good. It distracts and it consumes more energy as needed. Catch22 unleashes this energy potential and confidence to face challenges.


The customer ownes their challenge and more importantly: he is also the owner of the solution! We provide the knowledge and experience needed to bridge the gap.


In practice, coaching is close to consultancy, but there are differences. As a consultant we analyze and provide solutions, as a coach we try to guide the customer towards finding solutions themselves.


We develop for and provide training to employees within your company, our training courses are all tailored to a combination of training and coaching.


As a consultant we provide knowledge, as a trainer we explain, as a coach we ask questions, as a manager we take responsibility. In this role we guide projects or programs in the direction of healthy objectives, but we are also able to translate these goals into an optimal organisation design.