About Catch22

We assume that the organization and its people have everything they need to be successful. We help to recognize and use the qualities. So that they can face future challenges themselves and in doing so they can again rely on their own direction and approach. Because only that, in our opinion, leads to sustainable change.

Our Team

Introducing Catch22

Jan Teun Koningen


Jan Teun is one of the owners and co-founders of Catch22. Jan Teun supports and helps companies in the industry to keep improving themselves. He trains and coaches companies that want to take Asset & Maintenance Management to a higher level in their organization.

Ted Lemmers


Ted is a consultant and managing partner at Catch22 and focuses on interim management, change and continuous improvement projects. He has an unrelenting energy and uses this to analyze difficult issues. Ted’s quote is: ‘Slow down to speed up’. First understand what is going on and how it came about.

Evert van Bolhuis


Evert is a Consultant at Catch22. Northerner, analytical, curious and communicative. Evert relies on his senses, which are fed by data and information. As Bob Marley said, “Some feel the rain. Others just get wet”, Evert likes to dive into chaos in search of connections and structure.

Remy Rombouts


Remy is a consultant at Catch22 and focuses on Continuous Improvement processes. He has a broad interest in technology, the maintenance field and securing business processes in IT systems. Remy’s slogan is: “We can’t solve a problem with the mindset that created it.”

Yvette Laane


Yvette is a consultant at Catch22 and focuses on sustainable processes. She has broad experience with agrifood projects, assuring quality systems and improving and mapping processes. Yvette’s quote is: ‘Always dream big’. Yvette always follows her ambitions and wants to make a clear positive difference in this world. She does this through her holistic approach and with the help of her solution-oriented mentality.

Thieme Lemmers


Thieme is a student at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and focuses on Human Resource Management within Catch22. In addition to HR activities, Thieme is involved in an internal project on developments and training for the employees of Catch22. Thieme’s quote is ‘You work effectively with people, you work efficiently with things.’

Timon Wever


Timon is consultant at Catch22. He has a passion for technology, optimization and improvement. He has a broad interest in technology and a lot of experience in the field of maintenance.
Timon believes in practical solutions and a bit of customization as icing on the cake. 
Timon’s big dream is that all companies see Maintenance as a business case.