Vacancy Senior Consultant


Do you have a passion for improving organizations? Do you see it as a challenge to solve problems?  We are looking for you!

You have earned your spurs in the industry as a project leader, maintenance engineer or maintenance manager. You feel that you ended your learning journey  by your current employer.

You are ready for something new. Ready for a jump in the deep.

You have ambition. You want and have to do something with that ambition. You want to grow. You are ready to transfer the knowledge and experience that you have gained over others. What are you waiting for? Jump!

We give you the space to further shape your ambitions.

Catch22 gives you the ability to develop further, to deepen your knowledge, but also to make a development on a personal level. This can be done through training, workshops and coaching. Life long learning is important for us, to challenge yourself and  to get the best out of yourself. That makes you a happy person.

We are here to support you to  excel with extraordinary customers.

We choose for  employees in who we have every confidence. People who dare to jump in the deep and then swim, swim like no other. Are you ready for that jump?

About Catch22

We are a young company and we have already earned our spurs. Our customers are major players in (petro-) chemical, food and manufacturing. Together with these customers, we look for stones in the shoes. We identify problem areas and help define and implement the solutions. This our way we  to help  increase trust and strength in organizations. Due to the often intensive cooperation with colleagues we keep  developing ourselves and each other, from our expertise or newly gained knowledge.

Our work revolves around :

  • Asset Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Maintenance Management
  • Safety, Health and Environmental
  • IT and Data management


Your role?

From your role as (Sr.) Consultant you will be deployed as a trainer, consultant or interim manager. You work independently or in a team.


What do we have to offer?

We offer a modern work environment in where pleasure, development and trust are key.

Contact us:

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